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Best Sweepstakes GamesBest Sweepstakes GamesBest Sweepstakes Games

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  • We have Attorney backed BMM Certified Sweepstakes Games, and software, Skill Based Games and software, Preview Play Games and  software, No Chance Games and Software and Bingo Based Games and software
  • Customer retention and customer attrition prevention is the number one concern for business owners

  • The long term success of your Sweepstakes Campaign is totally dependent on your games and software

  • We lead the nation in the business of Internet Sweepstakes Technologies, software maintenance and game development

  • We have over 200 engineers developing the best skill based games, sweepstakes games and casino games so you will have the competitive edge you need to compete


  • DISCLAIMER:  To avoid any doubts, all companies operating PSI and BPI games and software in all various forms and configurations confirm and agree that PSI / Promoting Services Inc. and BPI / Best Promoting Inc. is merely a software provider and is not, and may not be in any way involved in Operator's promotions, operations, promises, sweepstakes, gaming or lottery.
  • Operators and distributors further confirm, agree and acknowledge that the operation of PSI's and BPI's games and software meet all the legal requirements set forth by local law enforcement and government agencies wherever the operators and distributors operates PSI's and BPI's games and software in all its games and software forms.
  • Operators and distributors will keep current all business licenses and pay all related taxes, fees, start up costs, business licenses and install quality compatible computer hardware. Operators and distributors also abide by "The Unlawful Gaming Act" , Title VIII of The Act of Congress of The United States of America known as Security And Accountability for Every Port Act of 2006, known also as The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006


  • Operators and distributors further confirm and agree that PSI / Promoting services Inc. and BPI / Best Promoting Inc. bears no responsibility and no liability as a gaming/gambling operator, i.e. for the operation of the games and software and product toward third parties, state or public authorities or pursuant to other regulatory agencies according to the legal regulations in any specific jurisdictions.
  • PSI and BPI is unaware of any consequential damages that may be incurred by anyone. The Operator / Distributor declares that if any rights of the Operator's or Distributor's customers or third parties are affected or infringed through specific regulations while they are using PSI's and BPI's games and software/products, or the rights of The Operator's Clients or Distributor's clients are affected or infringed by moral turpitude in connection with the commercial use/operation of the games/software/product.
  • Therefore, the Operator / Distributor shall bear the full responsibility and liability for such infringement and moral turpitude.  The Operator / Distributor shall personally compensate Promoting Services Inc. and BPI / Best Promoting Inc. for any and all damages caused by said infringement and moral turpitude and indemnify and hold PSI / Promoting Services Inc. and BPI / Best Promoting Inc. harmless.


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